For documenta fifteen, Baan Noorg initiated a project based on the social foundation of the community, in order to connect the Nongpho community with the local community in Kassel, linking the contexts of both places through a relevant text, despite their differences in geography and environment, so that they can coexist in the same timeline and platform. “Churning Milk: the Rituals of Things” (2022) is a project that simulates a palimpsestic space that also allows for new texts to emerge. Besides from the transfer and connection of content, the exhibition’s various mediums, such as video, music, light-sound, graffiti, dance, play, and other types of performances, enable audiences and participants to become a part of the work. This deconstruction of meaning takes place in the open space that is both a visual field and playground.

Venue: Documenta halle

Support Institutions: Documenta Fifteen / Office of Contemporary Art and Culture, Ministry of Culture of Thailand (OCAC) / Goethe Institut Thailand / German Embassy Bangkok / National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan (NCAF)

Project cooperated institutions: Open Contemporary Arts Center, Taipei (OCAC), Camping Academy e.V.,

In “Churning Milk: the Rituals of Things (2022)”, a collaborative and participatory art project, Baan Noorg bridges the social network by collaborating with the next generation of dairy farmers in Nongpho from Charoen Raksa Farm, Lung Nuad Farm, Dee Kham Farm, and surrounding communities, as well as Biolandhof and Chreibers Farm in Kassel. This allows two places to interact and exchange through mutual experience, to express their shared local knowledge of dairy farming despite geographical differences, and to promote and create social value by supporting each other with relevant technology, knowledge, and information through online channels.

Dairy Farm Collaborations

Nong Pho: Wanpen Deekham Dairy Farm, Wisanu Dairy Farm, Lung Nuad Dairy Farm

Kassel: Biolandhof Krug Farm

Skate to Milk event on 12 March 2022,

Skateboard collaborations

Donation Drive: Mr. Wilson Skatehalle, Titus Kassel

Skateboard Workshop: Mr. Wilson Skatehalle

Skate Advisors: Jonas Albrecht, Das Rollschuhmagazin

Many thanks to Das Rollschuh Magazine

Nang Yai Honorary Advisor: Khanon Temple

Nang Yai (Shadow Puppets) Carving Workshop: Christine Falk, Alfred Banze, Awika Amukrsaman, Dangchanok Pongdam

Nang Yai live performance: Baan Noorg and participants

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